Let me introduce you to.... WBT

Hi, friends. What a crazy week it's been. The week after spring break.. need I say more? The kiddos really weren't bad and I was excited to see all the darlings. If I don't see them for a few days I start to worry.

Anyway, let's talk some more about this whole brain teaching shenanigans I was telling you about. First of all, today I subbed in a classroom that uses whole brain teaching. I was fascinated by the student led part of it. A 2nd grade leader taught vocabulary, high frequency words, and comprehension strategies to the class using gestures. How cool is that? He stood by the focus wall and went through each topic. I was quite impressed by the student engagement and understanding. Later in the day we talked about a comprehension strategy and a student named it off and did the gestures. 7 years old. So impressed.

Oh and I subbed in a kindergarten room on Tuesday. They don't do whole brain, but I did sneak some in a little bit. I had them blow their sight words into their hand and release them as a class. They loved it. And even the little rascals thought it was so cool.

Do I need to keep selling you on this idea? Let me tell you about another part of WBT. It works really well with older kids. It's called the crazy professor game. If I end up teaching in the intermediate grades, I will definitely use this strategy for non fiction texts. It's a long video but you'll get the idea after just a few minutes. Seriously, so cool.

Are you inspired yet?! Have a great evening my lovelies.

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