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Hello! I have been under the weather all week! Normally with a double ear infection and a sinus infection I can bounce back up pretty quick but this week has been a whole different story! I can lay in bed and watch reruns of the Kardashians! Don't lie, you secretly love that show too.

Lauren, focus. This is your teaching blog.Ok. I will explain 2 more "techy" obsessions I have. Many of you have used or at least heard of the first one. It is called Class Dojo. If you haven't you TOTALLY need to use it. No kidding! I learned about it from my cooperating teacher. Have I mentioned she's great? Anyway, the students each have a dojo, an icon, with their name beside it. The student can individually earn positive points or negative points based on his choices.

For example, if I was working with a small group of students and Ben was working on the computer and following expectations, he would earn a point for working hard. And if the active board was up and running the class would be notified of Ben's point. If Ben was playing sword fights with his pencils during small group I could give him a negative point. It would pop up on the screen that Ben earned a negative point for a negative choice: off task.

Some teachers don't like the idea of calling a student's negative behavior out for the whole class to see. I can see where the issue might be. However, I also know that in real life, people are called out on negative behaviors in public. Think: speeding ticket. :) I do think it is important to communicate expectations for work time so that everyone is on the same page, before beginning the work session. I also like the idea of the whole class being able to see because who wouldn't be proud when they earn a positive point? Do you want to know the very best part about the whole thing? You can control it from an ipod/ipad. You, as the teacher, can use the app at your small group table to give points for the class as you oversee even the kiddos not within your small group. This is highly recommended for all elementary school teachers. :)

Oh, and one more thing... some teachers will give a treat or a piece of candy for the person with the most points at the end of the day. I like to switch it up, maybe top 2 boys and top 2 girls, and then the next day something different. I hate to see only the goodie two shoes kiddos getting a reward. Also, I am not sure how I will do it in my own classroom, but I am an anti- extrinsic motivation person. So I would like to make the "winners" the leaders of the pledge the next day or the classroom leaders instead of a good ole lollipop. Have I lost you yet?

Ok, onto techy obsession number 2. It is called Edufy. It is fab fab fabulous for teaching science. All you do is type in the topic you are studying and in comes a list of all different lessons and activities dealing with that topic. It is broken down into grade levels and even addresses which learning styles are used in that lesson. How fab is that? I have just discovered this site, so I have not had the opportunity yet to teach a lesson from here. Soon enough this will become a very helpful site for me.

That is all for now. I have a pretty bad headache and I am watching my little darling niece and nephew tomorrow. I must try to go to sleep. Have a great weekend :)

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  1. I just started using Class Dojo last week. It worked so well! I couldn't believe it!

    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties


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