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Can we say FINALLY?! I am finally getting around to blogging about my classroom. I know its been a while and I have tons to blog WBT related. However, this blog post is strictly my classroom. My mother has been hounding me to see pictures. Here we go....

This is the board outside my classroom. The strips will eventually hold student work, and the board will change out each month.

This is just inside the door. It holds all classroom school supplies. The bottom row is for the ziploc bags for Daily 5 "read to someone." The birthday board is above! We need to make our graph this week!

Beside the supply bins are our cubbies. The top sections will be used as teacher storage and each student gets a cubby. The chair you see will be used during D5, "read to self."

The view of the room from the cubbies.

This is my teacher desk. The yellow and purple bulletin board will be used for our class mission statement. Above the bulletin boards are the 5 rules from WBT. The little table on the left side of the table is my second technology table. I consider myself blessed to have 6 computers and 1 ipad in my room!

Yay for Whole Brain Teaching!

This is my D5 and Cafe board. Once we dig deep in D5, I will make the entire board a CAFE board since the students will already know what the Daily 5 are.

Can you tell it was lesson planning day? I have a large iced coffee and books and laptop out on the small group table. Lovely. Check out the circles on the carpet. They are painted! I will continue to add more but I am totally digging it, thanks to my sister!

Another big thanks to my sister for the curtains! She is awesome! The big stack of stuff is boxes of Kleenex. Must put those away! Above the curtains is a U.S. timeline. Social Studies teacher nerd. Below the curtains is our Habit Hound board. This is where students fill out slips recognizing their classmates practicing the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.

Hello, class library. I was lucky enough to walk into a classroom that was stuffed with chapter books already! I added mine to the mix and this is what we got!

These are my big nasty cabinets that I must keep for storage purposes. The lime green and black one is for table points (positive reinforcement system used in my classroom). The hot pink one is for the students personal mission statements that they are currently finishing up.

More computers! Aren't we lucky?

The view from the back of the room, by the cabinets. The bookshelves by the two front tables might be my very favorite part of the whole room. They keep our entire class organized. No, really they do. They hold extra paper, pencils, turn in baskets, pencil sharpeners and even dustpans for spilled pencil sharpeners. The bottom bins are for D5. Love my bookshelves.

That is mostly it. We will adjust as the year goes on I am sure. I hope everyone has had a great start to the year and I really really hope I can begin updating more often!

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