The Dreaded Test

Yikes. It is that time of year... state testing time. We start ours mid-week next week. I have tried really extra hard not to stress my kiddos out about it. I have told them to do their best and to take their time but listen, if they don't know it, they don't know it.  We will do our best to rock it out, that is all that I ask.

 My kiddos are the most tested grade level in the entire district. Yes, 10-12 year olds are tested for longer and over more subjects that the 18 year old seniors. It's a beautiful thing. Do you sense some sarcasm? Ha!

Each month, I change out my bulletin board beside my classroom. This month, we rocked the raindrops and testing tips:

I am new to the Instagramming world, so bare with me as I use this new device. My kiddos at school need to teach me a thing or two. They are pros with it!
When we aren't focused on State Testing, we are rocking some state history and tradition with this beauty:
My kiddos have loved rocking this unit and it's even getting a little review in for the big test!
Alright people, I must finish up some grading now. Don't forget to check out the Derby Unit, after all the Derby is in 2 more days!!!

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