Cross Curricular WHAT?!

If you are a teacher, I know that you know the feeling. Actually, if you are a human, I know that you know the feeling.... You know, that feeling you get at the end of some  everyday when you think THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY TO ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING?! 

Yes, I hear you. I have this feeling 6.98 days out of the week. So, let me tell you something. I created a Cross Curricular unit that meshes Economics and Writing together. See, I teach 5th grade Social Studies and it's crazy talk how much these kiddos need to learn in 10 months. Seriously. Oh, and on top of that, they need to learn to write and perform research projects, and take a stand, and analyze, and... 

So, let's mesh these two together. And what do you get? You get a Cross Curricular Writing Unit Aligned to the Common Core Standards? Are you excited yet? It hits your major writing standards for 4th and 5th grade AND hits on Economics standards! Sheww! 

Get your copy while it's hot off the press!

The following test types are used in this unit: opinion, narrative, explanatory, and even a research topic!

Each text type includes 2 writing prompts, a pre-write/brainstorming sheet, and a final draft sheet.

The economics topics included are: interdependence, scarcity, supply and demand, productivity, customer service, economy systems, dollar bills, Industrial Revolution, and technology.

How do your kiddos reflect on economics?! I love teaching about econ because it REALLY is something they use everyday! 

I hope everyone is having a F-A-B week! 

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