Stop in the name of all things MARCH!

Did I get your attention with that title?! I hope so. I want to shout from the roof tops all about my 2 newest products. Both of which will be a PERFECT addition to your classroom during the month of March!
As some of you already know, I am a big fan of basketball. The big NCAA tournament coming up is music to my ears and just might be my most favorite time of the year! So, in order to celebrate we must do it in style, right?! Right. You will do just that with this unit, Brackets of Basketball Fun!

This is a pack of basketball themed printables is aligned to The Common Core Standards. It includes E.L.A. topics and math topics! Some of the E.L.A. topics covered are:
  • Who, What, Where, When, Why, How for both Literature and Informational texts
  • Story Structure Graphic Organizers- to be used with any piece of literature.
  • Double Dribble Irregular Noun Sort- sort nouns by singular and their irregular plural form.
  • Triple Double Shades of Meaning- a set of adjectives and a set of verbs
  • Narrative Writing Prompt and Opinion Writing Prompt

This is a great time to practice skills students haven't practiced in a while, or introduce new topics! My kiddos will be using the Shades of Meaning printables this week. We are so excited!

Some of the math covered are:
  • Double Dribble 2 -Step Word Problems
  • Odd or Even Mental Math Sums
  • Rebound with Skip-Counting Practice
  • Numbers in Different Ways- practice standard form, word form, expanded form, and even base ten drawings.
  • Comparing Scores- comparing 2 numbers
  • 4-on-4 Tournament- Adding 4 2-digit numbers.
  • Write On- Addition Strategies
  • Write On- Subtraction Strategies 
While I am signing my students' clip charts each afternoon, they are working on brushing up their math skills with these printables. Both boys and girls in my class LOVE IT!

If your kiddos can benefit from this unit, click on over to My TPT Store  and grab your copy. The best news yet? It is on sale until Monday at 11:59PM.

Are you in love?! I sure hope so, I know my students have loved these so far! And now, a new GAME that will keep your students on their toes! It is called Lucky Number 21. I must tell you all about it.

There are 32 task cards. Each task card is numbered for your convenience. On each task card are 4 numbers. Students compete with 2 or more players to be the first person to use addition, subtraction, or a combination of both to get an answer of 21.

For example, let's say there is a task card that has these 4 numbers: 12, 18, 15, and 0. Students are trying to use addition, subtraction, or both to get to 21. A student can suggest a solution using mental math strategies. He could say 18-12=6, 6+15= 21, 21+0= 21. Students must use all 4 numbers but as long as their computations are correct, they win the card!

We started using these task cards today and my students were thrilled. It brought out the competitive nature in my 2nd graders and they begged to play longer! This, too, is on sale at my TPT store until 11:59PM tonight. Go grab your copy and let the mental math thinking begin!

Ahh, yes! If you snag your copy of either of these units, be sure to leave feedback on them so you can earn TPT credits toward your next purchase! Have fun with these and let me know how you use them in your room!

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