The Social Studies Nerd in Me & The Complete Economics Unit

Let me tell ya a little secret. I LOVE teaching social studies. If you would have asked me this 2 years ago, I would have either laughed at you or cried to you. I had such a hard time making Social Studies meaningful and engaging. Then, something happened.

I had to wanted to make social studies fun for a few reasons: I taught 5th grade in a Kentucky where Social Studies was assessed in 5th grade, I taught it twice a day and ain't nobody got time for boring old worksheets, lectures, and movies, and who doesn't want their kids loving what they are doing in class and LEARNING at the same time?! So, I fully sunk myself into all things social studies last year. I depended a whole lot on a teammate to truly teach me lessons in American History, Economics, Native Americans, and Government. I must not have gotten much from those days my teachers gave me worksheets! Anyway, my teammate is a friend outside of school and she would sit with me and talk to me about these topics. I found it to be quite fascinating and I wanted to know more. So, I had to dig down deep. Just as I was falling in love with social studies, I was bumped down to 2nd grade. Do.Not.Get.Me.Wrong. I love am obsessed with 2nd grade. I feel at home with these guys, but I sure do miss getting to teach social studies for 2 hours everyday! To get my fix, I am trying to create social studies products that meet both ends of the spectrum. Without further a do, The Complete Economics Unit!

Shewww! I am pretty excited about this unit as it is something kiddos will use for the rest of their lives! We all can become a little more knowledgeable about economics but it is important to start with concrete ideas.

In this unit, I provide learning statements, vocabulary cards, a vocabulary story, posters, pre/post assessments, teaching resources, and fully detailed lesson plans. I have laid it out for 10 days but there is a good chance if your social studies block is less than an hour long, it'll take you a few days more.

You will be up and moving with these hands-on lessons in supply/demand, scarcity, specialization, productivity, and more!

Head on over to my Teacher's Pay Teachers Store and check it out!
Happy Teaching!

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